Armin Van Buuren-The Netherlands

This is a man driven by an unbridled and relentless passion for music. Armin van Buuren is a born perfectionist, striving to stay on top of the scene he’s helped build. Even though he lives an extraordinary life as one of the world’s most popular DJs, he has always remained a down-to-earth guy. 

mo-thu 22:00-00:00 on CTU Dance (A state of Trance)

Dave Clarke-United Kingdom

White Noise is the world's longest enduring Techno / Electro radio show, presented by the "Baron of Techno" Dave Clarke. “I’ve never been interested in what’s trendy and what’s not,” Clarke explains, “but the best music comes to me every single day and I want to share it.”

mo-thu 21:00-22:00  on CTU Dance (White noise)

DJ Boris-Russia

Boris held residencies at almost every major club in the United States such as Pacha NY, Space Miami, Bijou Boston and many many more. He has received awards nominations throughout the years, including America's Best DJ and Club World award for Best Resident. In the Transmissions radio show you can enjoy his sets along with other incredible guests.

wednesday 17:00-18:00 & saturday 20:00-21:00 on CTU Dance (Transmissions)

Kontroller Project-Ukraine

Kontroller Project is a project of Electronic music from city Donetsk.It was formed by two friends Maksim Kapynov an Genahdiy Shkodin in 2012.The Project focuses on the quality of the product.

They play music in progressive trance style.

tuesday 20:00-21:00 & Sunday 01:00-02:00 on CTU Dance (Kontroller Project)

Deejay Stef-Belgium

DJ Stef is the driving force behind the Land of Dance mix. All dance hits of this moment are in his radio show.

we-sat 22:00-00:00 on CTU Dance (Land of dance mix)

Mondo-United States


MONDO’s love for the exciting Dance Music lifestyle and art of DJ’ing inspired him to continually hone his skills at various clubs as well as private celebrity parties throughout NYC, and overseas in Italy. He soon became sought after because of his knack for mixing various dance music genres and keeping crowds moving on the dance floor.

sat-thu 20:00-21:00 on CTU Dance (Gravity Radio)

Harpaul Alberto Kohli(Ori Uplift)-United States

Uplifting Only is the world's leading radio show for the orchestral uplifting trance genre.To quote iTunes commenters, UpOnly is "nonstop mixes by the best source for uplifting trance music. " It is the definitive show for orchestral uplifting trance the way Armin's A State of Trance intends itself for trance and progressive.

tue-fri 22:00-00:00 on CTU Dance (Uplifting only)

Robin Schulz-Germany


Sugar Radio Show presented by Robin Schulz brings his favorite tracks, latest releases and classic hits each and every week. It’s been only four years since Robin Schulz first topped the worldwide singles charts.Building on his unique blend of house, electro and pop, the Osnabrück DJ and producer has meanwhile established himself as Germany’s most successful music export of the past two decades in record-breaking time.

tue 18:00-19:00 fri 21:00-22:00 sun 05:00-06:00 on CTU Dance (Sugar Radio Show)

Vessbroz-The Netherlands


A weekly Selador broadcast (incorporating Dave Seaman's Radio Therapy Show) featuring guest mixes by Selador artists presented by label owners, Dave Seaman and Steve Parry

Friday 20:00-21:00 & Sunday 04:00-05:00 on CTU Dance 

(Electro Vessel)

Danu5ik- United Kingdom

Danu5ik An upcoming international DJ/producer from England, Danu5ik” (pronounced Danusik) is quickly becoming one of the music industry's most versatile and sought after talents.Danu5ik is a gifted musician, writer, DJ, producer, and performer. his music embodies dynamic beats, hypnotic vocals, and an overall infectious nature that captivates his audience.

Tuesday 21:00-22:00 & Sunday 03:00-04:00 on CTU Dance (5ik Beats Radio)

Carl DK-Belgium

Carl DK is the compiler of most radio shows on ctu dance. He is also the webmaster and the music composer of ctu dance. 

every day on CTU Dance (Dance Zone,The beat of your Workday!)

Eelke Kleijn-The Netherlands

Eelke Kleijn is a rare talent. With peers and tastemakers standing up for this unmistakable imagination, the Rotterdam based music maker’s potential has no bounds.

wed-sat 21:00-22:00 on CTU Dance (Days Like Nights)

Ferry Corsten-The Netherlands


Every week Ferry personally selects and presents the freshest dance music to his listeners. Following the climactic close of each show Ferry encourages listeners to vote for their favorite aired tune. The three tracks to receive the most votes are scheduled for a re-run in the following week’s Corsten’s Countdown Top 3.

fri-sat 17:00-18:00 on CTU Dance (Corsten's Countdown)

Mladen Tomic-Bosnia and Herzegovina

Get Connected with Mladen Tomic is weekly radio show presented by Bosnian Dj and Producer Mladen Tomic. He presents his own live and studio mixes, as well as mixes from guest artists from all around the world. A hypnotic compound of techno and tech-house, further enhanced by the powerful groove and bass lines which characterise the sets of Mladen Tomic, Bosnian DJ and producer, who has won the hearts of clubbers across the globe. 

we-sat 19:00-20:00 on CTU Dance (Get Connected)

Chus+ Ceballos-Spain

Chus & Ceballos's music is synonymous with all that is exciting about electronic music today, having emerged as the figure head of the hugely prolific Spanish scene, The Iberican duo has now confirmed his position as a globally recognized DJs and producer, headlining the world's finest events week in week out. His acclaimed Stereo Productions label has been at the cutting edge of club music for well over two decades; now Chus & Ceballos takes to the airwaves with a new weekly radio show. 

mo-thu 19:00-20:00 on CTU Dance (Stereo Productions)

Bonzai Progressive-United Kingdom

Bonzai Basik Beats is a weekly radio show airing on FM

and Webradio where top DJ's showcase a wide range of

music including the best in Progressive House, Tech House,

Techno and Deep House grooves. Past broadcastings and

all tracklists are also available on our radioshow website

wed-sat 18:00-19:00 on CTU Dance (Bonzai Basik Beats)


Carlos Manaca-Portugal

Weekly Radio Show of one of the most important Portuguese electronic Labels, Magna Recordings, presented by Carlos Manaça, one of the main Portuguese Djs and Producers. Known by his tribal / ethnic background, Carlos Manaça presents a one hour mix recorded live by himself or by some of his favorite DJs and Producers. From Tech House to Techno,

tuesday17:00-18:00  & Sunday 02:00-03:00 on CTU Dance (Magna Recordings)



Find Your Soul The Official Radio Show selected and mixed by acclaimed Spanish DJ & Producer "Dezarate". Top 3 on iTunes US / On Air over 20 countries / More than 90 Worldwide Radios !!! Find Your Soul will take you from Deep To Underground Progressive beats. Join us to Find your Soul

Tuesday & Friday 19:00-20:00 on CTU Dance (Find Your Soul)

Stefano Noferini-Italy

A long time champion of house music in all its forms, Stefano has been building his legend for some time. Always innovating sounds and crossing into a broad range of genres has been a key factor in his well-deserved rise. Never one to stagnate, Stefano has merged all the musical elements at his disposal into a brilliant sound experience that no one can match.

wednesday 20:00-21:00 & saturday 17:00-18:00 on CTU Dance (Club Edition)

Ferhat Albayrak- Turkey

Jeton Records Radio Show features DJ mixes & live sets from the best artists and producers' around the world involved with Jeton.



saturday 01:00-02:00 on CTU Dance (Jeton Records )

Beenoise Records DJ's-Italy

Beenoise Attack is the official radio show of Beenoise Records, the Italian Techno and Tech-House label! Every week either a Beenoise DJ or an international guest is taking over the airwaves. 60 minutes of a pure journey across the genres, tune in!

mo-tue 18:00-19:00 sun 00:00-01:00 on CTU Dance

(Beenoise Attack )


Galestian- United States

With internationally supported releases on labels such as Perfecto Black and Outta Limits Recordings, travel to nearly 40 countries, and a long career in Los Angeles broadcast and media, enjoy a taste of Galestian's wide range of experiences through a carefully crafted selection of music each month 

saturday 02:00-03:00 on CTU Dance (Global Entry)

DJ Robb-O-United States

An hour long mix of Deep House with a Kiss of Soul.: featuring the best tracks in deep and soulful house



saturday 00:00-01:00 on CTU Dance (Deep House with a kiss of soul)

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Ramon Tapia-The Netherlands

Ramon Tapia is a humble man enjoying his dream job. He just wants to carry on doing what he does best with no hyperbole, egomania or bullshit: rocking dancefloors and releasing infallible grooves. “I want to take Say What? Recordings to the next level, do some big collabs, just enjoy my work and let the music I make and DJ speak.”

saturday 05:00-06:00 on CTU Dance (Say What )

MaWayy-United States/Iran

Billboard charted duo Brian Wayy and Masoud Fuladi created "MaWayy" to bring you the best of electronic dance music of the month ... Trust us you want it "MaWayy"



saturday 03:00-04:00 on CTU Dance (MaWayy Radio )


George Makrakis- Greece

Liquify Podcast by George Makrakis Liquify Records Podcast series delivers top quality dj mix every month produced by high rated artists from around the world



saturday 04:00-05:00 on CTU Dance (Liquify Podcast )

Plazma Records- United Kingdom

Plazma Records is a music label heading in the direction of Minimal and Techno music, hosting weekly radio shows on several stations.
We're collaborating with worldwide known names, as well as supporting fresh artists that just getting their career started. Archived shows on



monday & thursday 17:00-18:00 on CTU Dance 

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